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Sip and Learn

What is Coffee Talk

Getting Real

Coffee Talk is a place for women of all ages and backgrounds who desire to develop their leadership skills and build mentoring relationships. This environment will allow diverse women to gather in a comfortable setting to share their true authentic selves.

Digging deep… so what do we really want to do?

The Coffee Talk goal is to inspire women to dig deep within themselves to uncover what they want to accomplish in their lives.

How it happened…

JBM & Associates founder, Jacqui Bomar, created this unique event over a two year period of time, while drinking lots of coffee and meetings with a colleague and friend, Tan Kirby Davis. “It dawned on us that we were accomplishing a lot between the two of us, with our walls down and nothing to stop us from having authentic conversations. We knew we were supporting and encouraging each other to accomplish more in our lives, and we wanted to bring as many other women together to do the same. This was the start of Coffee Talk.

The Coffee Talk experience…

Picture a large open warehouse turned into a comfortable café setting with casual seating including couches to curl up on, the aroma of fresh Starbucks coffee and Danish, some very unique artwork and 100 diverse women who quickly become friends. This program includes an actress, an author, art and mentors. There are no other programs like it. The event will be held on February 16, 2017 from 7:45 sharp to 12:30. 

Knowledge is power - step out of your own paradigm.

Surround yourself with smart and talented people.

Just know yourself. At the end of the day it's just you.

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